Tuesday, July 10, 2012


So I've finally decided to start learning 3D. I made a quick sculpt in mudbox of an alien head.

Mudbox is actually intuitive, especially to someone whose had a lot of formal training. The head took me about 20 min and then I spent the rest of my day scratching mt brain on what unwrapping the UVW and baking the occlusion means. Yeah, I don't understand what I just wrote. I've watched a lot of videos and they seem to make it look easy and it's not.

I want to texture this thing in photoshop which used to be an archaic dead language to me and now I speak it everyday. 3DS Max is the same thing. I know I'll eventually begin to speak it, but that's probably weeks away. Maybe I need to take a class.

This is all to beef up my skills. I want to work in games and I think wearing as many hats as possible will accomplish that. I'll go crazy for a little while, but it'll be worth it.