Friday, January 27, 2012

Important Lesson


Sketch. Loosen your shoulder. Get the juices flowing. This is very important.

I never gave any credence to this lesson because I never needed it. Things would flow from my brain onto whatever media I was using at the time. BAM! Voila! It's great!

I recently moved and I had to take a little over a month off from doing anything art related. I was very unhappy. I attempted to try something a couple days ago and it was complete shit. It's like I forgot what I was doing. It made me not want to try it again for a little while. I can see why people would be afraid to pick up something they haven't done in a long while. They don't want to see that failure staring back at them.

It could be anything. Cooking, music, art, dance, filing, running. It's tough for anybody. I couldn't understand why someone can't pick something back up and want to do it every day. I probably made them feel bad and for that I'm deeply sorry. All you can really do is encourage them.

So stop beating yourself up for making something that isn't perfect. It's a warm-up routine. Nobody has to see it but you. Work on it for about 10-20 minutes and then throw it away or keep it in a sketch folder.

And get better. No excuses.

My sketch. About 10 minutes.