Sunday, May 16, 2010

Spaceman Spiff

A little redesign from a childhood favorite.

Alright, there's a video going around the interwebs (specially youtube) of little girls dancing to a Beyonce song. If you want to see it, search for "little girls going hard at beyonce song", which happens to be one of the worst titles; How that can't be misconstrued is beyond me. Let me throw my hat into this ring though I'm from the peanut gallery and know nothing of child rearing.

Obviously the girls are good dancers. They worked hard on that routine and it shows. They chose a popular song among the young girls and who could blame them, it's got a catchy beat. I'm not entirely sure about the costume choices. Yes, little girls want to be "grown up" because, let's face it, being a grown up is awesome. America media (insert collective groan) markets being grown up as cool so I'm not surprised to see this in the least. The only "epic fail" that occurred here is on the part of the parents.

Parents: way to go guys. I know it must be almost impossible to censor everything a tween wants to do in a rush to grow up, but you should have caught this one. Just because it's "popular" does not make it okay. I'll trot out the most extreme example because, hey, we're on the internet: Nazi book-burning was popular. Owning slaves was popular. Insert horrendous human activity was popular. You get the point.

But congrats on the dancing parents and girls.