Friday, May 14, 2010

And Now Something Different

A little more classical drawing. The statue was in a hallway at the school I where got my master's degree.

Almost missed work today. I was having a nice, relaxing time reading the news and drinking tea when I got a funny feeling. I hurriedly checked my schedule and found that I was due to be there in 45 minutes. I shaved, threw on my clothes and raced out to catch the subway followed by the trolly, followed by a brisk walk. made it with some time to spare so I got a couple doughnuts from the cafeteria. I haven't had fried dough for a little while now and it was delicious. Had to buy my lunch as well and I decided on the very bland egg salad sandwich followed by a delicious decaf coffee (I can't quit cold turkey!). Now a wonderful thunderstorm is starting and Teacup will be home soon. Have a grumpy night.